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It’s the bane of every parent of a newborn.    How to get enough sleep!  As any new parent knows, sleep is precious!  Between the feedings, diaper changings, dealing with other children, and household chores, when do you get to sleep???  As a professional Temecula newborn photographer, I see many exhausted sleep deprived parents.  Making sure that you get enough sleep should be a priority. 

Tips for Sleep Deprived New Parents of Newborns from a Temecula Newborn Photographer

 Sleep when baby sleeps.

Silence your phone and just sleep while the baby sleeps – even if it is during the day.  It isn’t enough if all the sleep you are getting is at night between feedings and diaper changing.  Babies sleep a lot during the day, so sleep during the day.

 Skip household chores

Ignore the dishes in the kitchen sink, skip the vacuuming and floor washing. Everyone will understand why your home is not sparkling clean when you have a newborn.  It is more important that you get your rest.

Practice good sleep hygiene.

Develop a relaxing routine.  Read a book, take a warm bath.  Stay away from electronics for 1-2 hours before bed. It is tempting to be on social media posting cute pictures of your baby, but stay off of phones, tablets, and computers.

 Place the crib near your bed.

It’s so much easier to reach over and pick up baby rather than walking down a hallway to attend to baby’s needs.  That makes it easier to go back to sleep and feel more refreshed in the morning.  The American Academy of Pediatrics ( )  recommends against putting baby in bed with you to sleep because of the risk of suffocation, so keep baby in a crib next to you.

 Share nighttime duties with your partner.

If possible, enlist help with some of the night time feedings, diaper changing, and soothing with your partner. Take shifts with your partner.  For example one can be with the baby for four hours and then switch. Pump and let your partner do a bottle feeing.

  •  Be choosy about allowing visitors.  Some are helpful and some not so much.  When family and friends visit after the baby is born, ask for and accept help.  Even a four hour power nap will make you feel better.  They will understand and; hopefully, be willing to help.
  • Set the mood for sleep in your bedroom. Your bedroom should be a quiet, temperate haven to sleep in.  Get blackout curtains and turn a really bright alarm clock away from you.  Get a white noise machine if needed.  Keep  work away from the bedroom.
  • Many babies can sleep five hours at a time by three months and it will continually get better. Five months old, six months old, nine months old,  and then they reach the first birthday milestone – it just continues to get better!
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Temecula Newborn Photographer

Just remember , this stage doesn’t last forever. You may feel tired and a bit “foggy” for awhile. Beautiful photos of your newborn will help you remember how sweet your newborn was. Contact me at Diane Gabriel Photography (714)366-5445 and let’s make it happen!

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