Maternity Session Tips From a Temecula Maternity Photographer

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Maternity Photos For Moms To Be With a Temecula Maternity Photographer

Why Maternity Photos are So Important

As a Temecula maternity photographer, I feel that maternity photos are a great way to document the miraculous changes that happen in a woman’s body during pregnancy. Maternity photos also provide an opportunity to capture the emotions of this time period – from joy, hope, love. The bond between mother and baby before they are born is something magical that should not go undocumented! A woman’s body goes through so much, and it is important to remember these moments for you and future generations.

Too often hear people say that they are skipping the maternity photos and just concentrating on the newborn photos. Pregnancy is a miraculous time. While the changes happen so quickly, it’s important not to forget about capturing the memories you felt before you have a bundle in your arms. It’s so wonderful to show your children those photos when they are old enough to understand and help them see how loved they were before they even joined your family!

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My Approach To Maternity Photos as a Temecula Maternity Photographer

This is a time to celebrate the amazing changes your body is going through! As a Temecula maternity photographer, I tailor each session to what you are looking for, studio portraits or outdoor portraits. We’ll start by talking about what your hopes are for the photos, and yes, even your fears.

Being pregnant is beautiful, but somedays we just don’t feel that way. That’s why maternity photos are generally done between 28-34 weeks when your belly is very round and high, and you are feeling pretty comfortable. This time frame varies from woman to woman, so if you feel good, let’s go for it!

We’ll also talk about what you want to do with the photos. Are you looking for wall art for your home? A small album to commemorate this special time. One of my favorites is the portrait image box, which features your 10 favorite matted images from the session. One of my jobs is to help you choose the perfect way to display your photos!

What To Wear For Your Maternity Session

Wondering what to wear for your maternity photo session? Here are a few tips on how you can dress yourself and your bump in a way that will make your pictures look as beautiful as possible.  

  • Consider wearing an empire waist dress or something very flowy along your legs; this will give the illusion of making your torso not blend into your legs
  • Choose clothes that have stretch so they’ll be comfortable and not too tight against the skin where there’s most likely some extra skin due to the growing belly.
  • Avoid really short skirts because they can distract from the overall effect.

As a Temecula maternity photographer, I also have some beautiful maternity gowns from Sew Trendy Fashion in my client closet if you don’t want to invest in a dress for the session. These dresses are so well made and look great on everyone!

I also offer professional hair and makeup services. All you have to do is show up and smile, and I’ll take care of the rest!

Where Are Maternity Photos Taken?

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I can take them in my studio in Irvine or Anaheim Hills or at one of the many beautiful outdoor locations in Orange County. It all depends on the look and feel you want for the photos and your comfort level. We’ll work together to choose the perfect location.

Temecula Maternity Photographer

Maternity photography is an art that captures moments in time that may seem as significant at the moment but become priceless family heirlooms when looking back on them later. If you’re pregnant, don’t skip out on maternity photos – there are only nine months for this experience, and once it’s over, it can never be repeated.

To chat more about Orange County maternity photography or to schedule your session, get in touch today! While you’re here, check out this blog on Tips for Sleep Deprived Parents!

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