Why Hire a Professional Newborn Photographer vs. Using Your Cell Phone

Newborn Photography Captures Growth

As a professional newborn photographer, I know that when your child is considered a newborn in the first four weeks of life, they make astonishing changes. They grow and fill out, their skin changes color and becomes less transparent. They grow at an amazing rate, adding as much as an ounce a day.

Newborn in white wrap in fur lined box

These changes make those first few weeks some of the most special and fleeting.  Newborn photography captures these changes so you can always remember how tiny they once were. A stage in your baby’s life that brief needs to be captured perfectly!

Safety Takes Priority Over Everything Else

When it comes to photographing newborns, safety is always the top priority in my studio. In my studio, all items are baby-safe and have all the necessary props and accessories to keep your child safe and comfortable.  Your baby will be supported, spotted, and never out of arms’ reach. 

Experience and Education Matters

There are many ways to pose newborns, but not all are safe. I have taken extensive training in how to safely pose and photograph your baby so you can be confident they are in good hands.

I’ve done extensive training and certification through Accredited Professional Newborn Photographers International  (APNPI), the only newborn photography certification program endorsed by the National Association of Professional Child Photographers (NAPCP).

Quality Equipment Matters

The right equipment is important when photographing newborns. I use professional-grade lighting and equipment to photograph your baby in the safest and most flattering way possible. This ensures that your images will be of the highest quality and stand the test of time.

Lighting for newborns is important because their eyes are very delicate. I use professional-grade lenses that allow me to photograph without causing any damage to their eyes. My lighting is set up to avoid hot spots and produce even lighting across the baby.

Patience Really Matters!

As a mom myself, I know that newborns are special little humans who run on their own time schedule.  I will never rush through a session or force your baby into a pose that isn’t comfortable for them. I allow plenty of time for feedings, diaper changes, and just general snuggling.

Your baby’s safety and comfort are always my top priority!

Posing Newborns

The anatomy of a newborn is very different from adults. When photographing them,  it is important to be aware of their limitations and pose them in a safe and flattering way. There are many unsafe poses that can be found online, but only a professional photographer who has been trained in newborn posing will know which ones are safe.

In some cases, we assist the poses with hands and fingers edited out later. At no time will the baby be kept in a position that they are uncomfortable in.

Newborn Details

Capturing the details of a newborn is one of my favorite things to do. Their wrinkled skin, tiny toes, fingers, and perfect little noses are all so beautiful. I spend a lot of time getting the best angles for these shots.

I also love photographing newborns with their families. Capturing the love and connection between a new baby and their parents is such a special thing. I will work with you to capture the images you want while ensuring everyone is relaxed and comfortable.

Wrapping and Styling Newborns

Wrapping is an important part of posing newborns. It helps keep them warm,  makes them feel secure, and can be used to create various looks. I have a large selection of wraps in different colors and textures that I can use to create the perfect look for your baby.

Styling the session is also important. I consider your likes and dislikes and what the decor of your home is like.  I want your images to be cohesive with your home decor and reflect your personal style.

Editing Newborn Images

I use professional editing software to edit all of my newborn images. This allows me to make sure each image is perfect before it is delivered to you. We will discuss any skin issues such as flaking, blemishes, or jaundiced skin tones and decide the level of retouching you would like. The goal is never to have the skin be perfect, but rather, it should show off their delicate features.

Your Newborn, Captured Beautifully

Your newborn’s memories deserve to be preserved in a way that will last a lifetime. I offer high-quality products such as albums, prints, and wall art that are made to last. I also provide digital files so you can share your images with family and friends. There at least 3 Benefits of Newborn Fine Art Photography.

As a professional newborn photographer, I would love to discuss your newborn photography needs with you! Please contact me at Diane Gabriel Photography (714)-366-5445to set up a consultation and tell me about your family!


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