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Newborn Photography Safety

While 2021 has given us lots of pauses, love is not paused, and the babies that have been welcomed by their families this year sure are a bright light. I’m so happy to be back to photographing all these sweet little bundles of joy as a Huntington Beach newborn photographer!

As a professionally trained Huntington Beach newborn photographer, I understand your trepidation about safety for your newest family member. My focus for newborns has always been on the safest way to pose them, and now with the virus still lingering, my focus has expanded to the highest level of safety for you and your family.

Precautions I am Taking as a Huntington Beach Newborn Photographer

I am up to date on all vaccinations and take care when I am out in the community. I wear a mask at all times (during photography sessions as well) and practice social distancing. Frequently washing and sanitizing my hands for every Huntington Beach newborn session is a top priority.

One Session Per Day

While there are still so many unknowns,  I am offering photography sessions either outdoors or in clients’ homes in addition to studio sessions. I limit interaction to one session per day so that there is no chance of cross-contamination for props or other items used during the session.


All items used during the newborn session are washed and sanitized before use. If you have special blankets or other items you want your baby to be photographed with, I encourage you to sanitize them as well after our session.  All photography equipment and props are sanitized before each session.

Family Only

To reduce any risk, I ask that during your session that only immediate family members be present during your session. And of course, if anyone seems ill, please get in touch with me to reschedule your session (and I would do the same!)

Outdoor Sessions

If you’d like to discuss options for an outdoor session, I have many places I can recommend! Get in touch, and I’ll find a place as a Huntington Beach newborn photographer that works well for your vision for your photos.

In-Home Sessions

If you’re considering an in-home session, please do not worry about your house being sparkling clean! Newborns are tiny and require very little space. As a Huntington Beach newborn photographer, I can create beautiful settings in your home and bring all the sanitized equipment needed to make the photos.

There’s been much less hugging and snuggling than just a few months ago. While I’ll admit I miss that, it’s wonderful to photograph babies again. For more info for parents of newborns and toddlers, contact the CDC.

Huntington Beach Newborn Photographer

Newborn photos are best done within the first few weeks of life. So if you’re expecting, get in touch, and we can talk about a safe and beautiful newborn session.   My name is Diane Gabriel, and I spend my day photographing sweet newborns as a Huntington Beach newborn photographer

If you’d like to know more about newborn photography safety, contact me at (714) 366-5445 or contact me here to schedule a session. For more newborn content, click on the blog links below!

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