Los Angeles Midwives Providing Compassionate Support Services

While searching for Los Angeles midwives, there are several factors you will want to consider. Are they highly trained and certified in the field of midwifery? Am I looking for a more holistic and natural approach to my healthcare? Will I create a positive relationship with my midwife to guide me through pregnancy and childbirth? Once you have established that you are interested in connecting with a midwife, review these local providers and connect with them for more information. 

5 Los Angeles Midwives Dedicated to Delivering A Positive Birthing Experience

Los Angeles Midwives

Los Angeles Midwives provides prenatal and well-woman services in the greater LA area. They were created by friends and Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) Naomi and Lilit in 2020. Their midwives’ services are available for an at-home or hospital birth. With an at-home birth, you can labor and/or deliver in a water tub or as you choose within your home. 

Hospital births will be at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, where the two CNMs have medical privileges. They offer well-woman services for family planning, annual exams, and preconception. Prenatal, birth and postpartum care provides peace of mind, and you will feel supported throughout your pregnancy and delivery.

Mind Body Birth

In Los Angeles, Mind Body Birth is a birthing and wellness center caring for women with the highest quality midwife services. Certified Professional Midwife Faith Freeman and her fantastic team strive to provide quality healthcare to all women. If you are interested in well-person, fertility, and IUI services, her team can support your needs in their downtown office. Genetic and hormonal testing is also available at their practice. 

Mind Body Birth can provide prenatal, birth, and postpartum care. The Birthing Center has birthing suites, a full kitchen for your family, and a welcoming waiting area. The birth suites have full-sized beds, large showers, deep birthing tubs, and other equipment to make you comfortable during labor. 

Faith and her team also support home births if you choose to have one. A portable water tub can be brought to your home when you labor to relieve pain and for delivery. Collaborative care is an option for women who must deliver at a hospital. This team care approach will provide women additional education and support during pregnancy.

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LA Midwife Collective

LA Midwife Collective is the creation of certified midwives Monica Wood and Jennifer Brandon Ruiz. Their team approach provides women with the most support during pregnancy and delivery. Women are offered services at one of their two office locations, starting with prenatal care, nutritional support, and education. This team of midwives in Los Angeles provides hands-on assistance with active labor through delivery support. 

During labor, you can move around and seek comfort where possible while receiving close monitoring. They can provide birth pools upon request. Many women find warm water relaxing during labor and then deliver in water. The midwives will monitor your baby while in the birthing pool to ensure the mother and baby’s vitals. 

You will still receive continual midwife care and support if you need to be transported to a hospital. Postpartum care will continue up to 6 weeks after birth. Two visits will be at your home and followed up in their office. 

Home Birth Service of Los Angeles

Prenatal care, support during active labor, delivery, and postpartum care is provided by Catherine Williams, a primary midwife for over 20 years. Home Birth Service of Los Angeles provides care from certified midwives in their office and at your home. In the comfort of your home, you can move around during labor and feel more relaxed in your environment. 

Water birth is an option as many women feel the most relaxation and relief while in water. Your newborn will stay by your side after birth for quiet bonding time. The team can then support you with early breastfeeding assistance and conduct a newborn exam by your side. Please arrange a complimentary consultation to learn more about the practice and its services. 

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Kindred Space LA

Midwives Allegra and Kim are certified professional midwives at Kindred Space in Los Angeles. Beginning in 2020, the team of midwives strives to provide the highest healthcare for all women in the community. Their birth center offers midwifery services, childbirth classes, and a parenting community. Expecting mothers can deliver at home or within the Kindred Space LA Birthing Center. 

The Birthing Center has two private birthing suites to utilize with access to a full kitchen. At home, birthing is possible using a birthing tub, birthing stool, and other equipment to assist you during labor. The agency also provides postpartum care in four appointments to support mothers as they transition to newborn care. 

Kindred Space also has doulas and birth workers to support you during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Placenta encapsulation is available on-site to increase your overall health and mood postpartum. Schedule a complimentary consultation to meet the midwives and discuss your delivery goals.

Los Angeles Midwives

These Los Angeles midwives support you from planning your pregnancy to your postpartum transition. With services at a birthing center, hospital, or at home, you will find an environment perfect for welcoming your baby into the world. Midwives can provide women with a birthing experience unique to their pregnancy and delivery goals. 

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