Amma Boutique Has You Covered Through Pregnancy & Beyond!

Pregnancy and childbirth are some of the most universal shared experiences in the world. We’ve been experiencing them since the dawn of time and celebrating the miracle of life with the addition of every new baby billions of times over. Yet pop culture only seems to show and share the more “glamorous” parts of the experience. Whether it’s the beautiful glow of pregnancy (perhaps peppered in with a few stereotypical complaints about back pain and swollen feet) or the trials of childbirth that end the moment a new mom holds her baby in her arms, we only seem to acknowledge certain aspects of this momentous transformation. Luckily, this is not the case with Amma Boutique!

What we don’t tend to see or hear about are the ways a pregnant woman’s body changes besides a perky growing belly. We don’t talk about the scars from skin stretching over a growing baby and shifting organs or veins that bulge and never quite return below the surface. We definitely don’t acknowledge immediate postpartum aches and pains that are real and universal and require a lot of disposable products. 

As a result, a lot of new moms and moms-to-be are navigating this phase of life with uncertainty and fear. How will their bodies change? What is to be expected? Is there anything they can do or buy to help? 

Amma Boutique is a small shop in Pasadena that was created to help women transition into motherhood with a little more ease, comfort, and peace of mind. If you are pregnant, have recently given birth, or know someone who is in a similar phase of life, you’ll definitely want to learn more about Amma Boutique. 

About Amma Boutique

Amma Boutique founder Jill Bigelow knows firsthand the importance of supporting women in the early phases of motherhood. As a mother of three herself, she has experienced the toll pregnancy can take on a body. That’s why she invented PELV-ICE and the Mama Strut support braces to help alleviate aches and pains. They combine compression, heat, and ice therapy. 

Throughout the process of developing her products, she recognized a need for other moms who were struggling with recovery from pregnancy and childbirth. She decided to create Amma Boutique to provide new moms with other medically sound, scientifically proven, and well-loved products in addition to her own.  

Today, their cozy 400-square-foot flagship store carries a variety of essential maternity products to soothe the body, ease the mind, and bring hope to women. It’s a one-stop shop for all moms, particularly those who are expecting and who have recently welcomed their new baby into the world. When you visit the store, you won’t feel alone in your experience; you’ll instead find a community of women who have gone through the same transformation in all of its grit and glory.

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Before you make the trek out to Amma Boutique to see their charming and elegant store for yourself, let’s cover some of the wonderful products you’ll find waiting for you on their shelves. 

The Mama Strut line features some important postpartum products that you’ll be glad to have stocked up on when you come home from the hospital. The support braces help to compress and soothe sore muscles while still allowing you to be mobile. There’s also a brace for while you’re still pregnant that supports your growing belly and has flexible ice and heat inserts for instant relief. Mama Strut also has organic postpartum pads, probiotics, and a peri bottle (if you don’t know yet, you’ll know soon.) 

If you have decided to breastfeed, you’ll likely want to invest in a breast pump (or see if your insurance will cover one! More on that in a bit.) Amma Boutique has a variety of models of breast pumps. So you can find the one that is right for your lifestyle. They also carry nursing accessories like nursing pads and nipple balms, nursing scarves, and herbal teas that support lactation. 

New Moms From Head To Toe

Amma Boutique has curated a collection of products designed to help take care of new moms and moms-to-be from head to toe. From belly sheet masks that hydrate and reduce the appearance of stretch marks to spa-like facial rollers for a little extra self-care, they have something to target every part of your body. They also carry a variety of Earth Mama organic products like perineal spray, deodorants, and body oils. 

Postpartum and pregnancy products don’t always have to be about the less glamorous side of things, and Amma Boutique has some great products that can help you celebrate and enjoy the good parts, too. They carry tons of maternity clothing, like jeans, dresses, and buttery soft bamboo robes. Indulge in a pair of fuzzy slippers or comfortable loungewear that will help you relax and unwind. 

For after your baby arrives, Amma Boutique sells a collection of stylish diaper bags that are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. Want to carry your baby with ease? Check out their baby carriers that are equally stylish and will make carrying and bonding with your baby a breeze. 

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Did you know that a variety of postpartum products could be covered by your insurance? Your insurance plan may cover essentials like breast pumps, milk collection bags, compression socks, and even blood pressure monitors. Even the Mama Strut postpartum and maternal support systems invented by owner Jill Bigelow! Before you make the investment out of pocket, be sure to check and see if any of this equipment could be covered by your insurance plan. Both you and your bank account will find some much-needed relief! 

Amma Boutique

Pregnancy and postpartum life can be an emotional and physical struggle, but with more stores like Amma Boutique, women won’t have to feel like they’re facing it alone. If you’re feeling challenged by your changing (or changed) body and need a great product recommendation, you’ll definitely want to swing by the store to talk to one of their amazing associates. They’ll help you find just the things you need to take on your beautiful transition into motherhood. 

Whether you need more local recommendations or could use some help planning a portrait session, I think we’ll get along! When I’m not telling people about my favorite places, I’m helping them freeze time! So they can cherish the early years of parenthood forever. As a mom myself, I know how rushed things can get. So I want to make sure you can actually find time to enjoy it all! If you’d like to book some pictures for your family, then let’s chat! Then you can decide whether I’m the photographer for you. Contact me today to get the conversation rolling!

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