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One of the most incredible things about being a parent is watching your babies grow from angelic babes-in-arms to a little person waddling about and discovering the world first-hand. Of course, with mobility comes a range of opportunities to discover the curiosities within your home, not all of which are safe for tiny hands. But your home should be a safe place for your children to learn and explore! That’s where baby- and child-proofing come in. But as handy as you believe yourself to be, trusting your home to a professional baby-proofing company can be the peace of mind you and your family need. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most trusted companies specializing in baby proofing in Orange County for you to peruse in case you’re searching for someone to help you with the safety of your home. 

3 Companies for Baby Proofing in Orange County to Ensure the Safety of Your Homes for Your Little Ones

Baby Safe Homes

Baby Safe Homes is a professional same-day baby-proofing service that aims to provide families peace of mind by creating a safe environment for babies and toddlers to learn, explore, and grow. The company came to fruition out of the frustration experienced by the owners who set out to baby-proof their homes and found that the quality of products and knowledge of local retail store employees was frustratingly lacking regarding child safety. 

After putting in the time and energy to shop online, they found it equally frustrating to handle returns of ill-fitting or poorly-made products and equipment, not to mention costly shipping fees. Then, once they had the equipment they needed, it still took time and energy to perform the installation. Eventually, they realized the need for a professional baby-proofing company that could help families transform their homes into safe spaces for little ones. 

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Today, Baby Safe Homes saves you time by not having to shop for the right products, money by eliminating the need to ship and return large items like baby gates, frustration by installing quality equipment, and costly damage by installing things correctly the first time around. Hence, there are no excess holes in your walls and banisters.  

They install various products, including custom baby and child gates, cabinet and drawer locks and latches, safety straps for TVs, furniture, changing tables, and bookshelves, specialized door and window locks, bathroom safety items, grab bars, and so much more! Baby Safe Homes has helped baby-proof over 15,000 homes worldwide. They are constantly working to help families create a customized, safe space for their children. 

When hired, they’ll complete your home’s walk-through and provide a detailed and itemized estimate. Then, you decide how much or how little work you’d like done, and they’ll install it that same day! Your house will be a safe, inviting environment for your children to explore and grow, and you’ll be thrilled you called Baby Safe Homes to help you get set up!

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Ouch Proofers

Ouch Proofers is a family-owned and operated business created by a team of Super Dads who consider themselves obsessed with making homes safer for babies and kids. Their website says, “If we can prevent one ‘ouch!’ – be it a tiny boo boo or a major injury requiring an ER visit – we are doing our job well!” They offer in-home services, eliminating hazards and helping you locate and neutralize hidden dangers lurking throughout your home. 

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As parents, the Ouch Proofers understand that having babies start to become mobile can be overwhelming, exciting, and scary. While you may consider yourself quite the DIY extraordinaire, they are here to provide the know-how and labor. In a situation about safety, they have the expertise and technical skills to spot and assess hazards. You can’t child-proof something unless you know exactly the danger it possesses, so let them be the ones to figure out what could go wrong and effectively prevent accidents from happening. 

While their headquarters reside in Washington, DC, they now offer services in Los Angeles and Orange County! When you call, they’ll provide an estimate, finalize the project over the phone, select the best materials, and child-proof your home in one visit. Besides standard baby- and child-proofing services, they also offer safe and reliable child-proofing for pools, wireless video surveillance installation, smoke, carbon monoxide, gas detectors, and more. Whatever your home needs to keep your babies (big and small) safe, Ouch Proofers are the experts!

Boo Boo Busters

Boo Boo Busters takes pride in their work, offering an effective and approachable style in helping parents child-proof their homes. They take the time to educate families, offer high-end products, and deliver exceptional customer service that has helped them build the company into what it is today. They even have quite a roster of celebrity clients! 

Their team constantly attends conferences and conventions, consulting with firefighters, police officers, juvenile product manufacturers, and parents to figure out how to best help the families they serve. The entire Boo Boo Busters team is CPR certified and trained in injury prevention. They also serve as guest speakers for the Orange County and San Diego communities, sharing about child safety at various businesses, organizations, schools, and more. 

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When it comes to products, the ones offered by Boo Boo Busters are the best quality on the market and are offered to you at competitive prices. More durable, easier to use, and generally safer than the products offered at big box stores, the Boo Boo Busters team is constantly researching new and better products to share with their clients. Plus, they install everything right the first time, so you won’t have to deal with the frustration of finding out something doesn’t fit or work mid-installation. 

And speaking of installation, their installers are fantastic. With extensive construction backgrounds, a fine eye for detail, and training in CPR and child safety, they are equipped to handle whatever safety situation your home may need. They’ll always wear shoe covers whenever they’re in your home and leave your house just as clean (and so much safer!) as when they arrived.

Baby Proofing Orange County

These highly reputable companies for baby proofing in Orange County are known for helping families keep their kids and babies safe in the home. If you’re looking for a quick and easy installation of the perfect proofing products, be sure to check out their websites and give them a call! 

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