Four Studios for Prenatal Yoga in Orange County

The truth is, being pregnant is hard. It’s challenging both mentally and physically. Taking a prenatal yoga class can relieve all those aches, pains, and changes associated with pregnancy. Not only will the programs help with the physical challenges, but also the mental ones. As with traditional yoga, prenatal yoga stretches and relaxes both the body and the mind. Whether you’re a new prenatal yoga enthusiast or a seasoned pro, these Orange County prenatal yoga classes have everything you need. So check them out!

Four Studios for Prenatal Yoga in Orange County

Yoga Shakti

Yoga Shakti offers a wide range of classes so students can experience all the types of different yoga practices specific to their needs. This prenatal yoga studio in Orange County provides prenatal yoga and prepares your body for the birthing and postpartum experiences. This class will develop strength and stamina, increase body awareness, and deepen the bond between you and your baby.

The class can relieve many common discomforts during pregnancy, mindfully promoting body strength and flexibility. It can reduce the risk of complications during the birthing process. This class is considered a specialty class, and you can register directly online.

The prenatal yoga class is offered in the studio or via livestream. So you can practice however you please! Yoga Shakti is located at 4255 Campus Dr. in Irvine. You can reach out to them directly on their website, send them an email, or give them a call to sign up for your first class in your prenatal yoga journey.

Unfold Motherhood

When you want a variety of prenatal yoga classes, Unfold Motherhood offers the best prenatal yoga classes in Orange County. They offer many different ways to practice prenatal, so no matter how you feel that week, you have various options. At Unfold Motherhood, you can engage in weekly outdoor sessions online right from your own living room or small in-studio group sessions. Not only does Unfold Motherhood provide live prenatal yoga classes, but they also offer an on-demand prenatal yoga program. You can access all types of classes whenever and wherever you want as well as excellent birth prep courses. The in-studio lessons are on Fridays, and the outdoor classes are on Sundays. Each session lasts for about an hour and will have a different theme.

Additionally, you will learn things like relaxation practices, postpartum prep, birth planning, and preparation for delivery and labor while practicing yoga. Prenatal yoga is not just for your mom. Unfold Motherhood offers a partner class that is fun and hands-on, where you and your partner will learn different techniques to help throughout your pregnancy. This is a two-hour class and is a single fee for you and your partner. They have a great monthly subscription that you can use throughout your pregnancy. You get all the services they offer, including weekly prenatal yoga classes, monthly pregnant mom groups, coaching calls, access to online programs, and all the birthing mini-courses and workshops. You can reach out directly on the website to get started with your first class. Unfold Motherhood will contact you to sign up and find the best program to fit your family’s needs.

Ma Yoga

If you are looking for convenient yoga while pregnant, Ma Yoga offers exclusively online prenatal yoga in Orange County. They provide live online yoga classes that are friendly, casual, and easy to hop into right from your living room! For a small monthly fee, you can become a member. You will receive unlimited access to Ma Yoga anytime videos, weekly Live classes, a Ma Support group, a monthly master class, and endless resources for your pregnancy and postpartum needs.

To get started, all you have to do is go to the Ma Yoga website and sign up for your first class for FREE! If you loved your first class and are considering membership, Ma Yoga offers a FREE (love that word!) two-week trial. If you don’t like it, which I know you will love, you can decide during that time before you even sign up. Ma Yoga understands that motherhood is unpredictable and incredibly busy. So they want to offer prenatal yoga in Orange County that works for you and is easy for you to access on your own time.


With FIT4MOM, moms can take fitness classes and connect with fellow moms to support them through every stage of motherhood, including prenatal and postnatal. From pregnancy through postpartum and beyond, our fitness and wellness programs help make moms strong in body, mind, and spirit. They not only offer classes once your baby gets here, so you take them along, but they offer a FIT4Baby class that is created explicitly for expecting moms. The 60-minute workout includes cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility training and ends with a relaxing meditation, everything you need during your pregnancy.

All classes are held outdoors at the local parks throughout Orange County. FIT4MOM wants to make sure that you love the program. So you can easily snag a FREE class to try just by signing up. You can quickly head to their website to try this prenatal yoga class in Orange County. So get a good workout while pregnant and connect with moms who are going through the same thing.

Prenatal Yoga Orange County

Take a load off, enjoy a relaxing class, sweat a little, and reach your pregnancy goals. All while trying new and exciting classes at these fantastic and unique classes for prenatal yoga in Orange County. You can explore all these options to find the perfect program for your every prenatal yoga need. So be sure to check out these classes for prenatal yoga in Orange County today!

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