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The Maternity Experience

Maternity photos are a great way to document the miraculous changes that happen in a woman's body during pregnancy. Pregnancy photos also provide an opportunity to capture the emotions of this time period - from joy, hope, love. The bond between mother and baby before they are born is something magical that should not go undocumented! A woman’s body goes through so much, and it is important to remember these moments for you and future generations.

Pregnancy is a miraculous time. While the changes happen so quickly, it's important not to forget about capturing the memories you felt before you have a bundle in your arms.

celebrating pregnancy and motherhood

This is a time to celebrate the amazing changes your body is going through. We'll start by talking about what your hopes are for the photos, and yes, even your fears.  I tailor each session to what you are looking for, studio or outdoor portraits. We will talk about what you will wear and the style of your session.  We'll talk about what you want to do with your photos.  Are you looking for wall art for your home? A small album to commemorate that special time? I will answer all of your questions.

1. Say Hello

2. Schedule it

I am looking forward to working with you.  Once you've decided what type of session you want, be sure to contact me.  
Before your session, I would love to hear about your vision and schedule your session.
Maternity photos are best done between 28-34 weeks when your belly is very round and high, and you are feeling pretty comfortable.  This time frame varies from woman to woman, so if you feel good, let's go for it!

3. ask me Anything

After you decide that you can't live without the "Diane Gabriel Photography Maternity Experience", we will decide on a date, time, and location.  We will select your outfit.  You have access to my client closet full of maternity gowns.  If you prefer professional hair and make-up, we will arrange that. 
 I will send you a questionnaire to get to know you even more, a contract, and an invoice.  Completion of those items makes it official and your spot on my calendar is secured.

4. Your uniques session

This is the day you have been waiting for!  You will look great!
During your session, I want you to feel relaxed and confident.  It will be an easygoing session.  During the session we will chat and laugh.
I will guide you to the most flattering poses and angles. You will not have to wonder what to do. Your comfort is of most importance.

5. enjoy your photographs

Two weeks after the session, your proofing gallery will be available.  You will select your favorite images that you would like for final editing.  From this gallery, you will select your digital image package, prints, and products.  I will guide you through your selections. The final products will be available within two weeks after you have made your purchase.  Some printed products may take a week longer.
I will guide you each step of the way.

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The Process

Pricing Details

contact me

To secure your maternity session, the session fee and contract must be received.  The session fee session  covers my time and talent, wardrobe and props, as well as studio costs or needed permits. Digital images, prints and products are purchased separately.
How much you invest in your portrait session really depends on your wants and needs.  Get the products that you want!  The session fee is $200 for a studio or on location session.  Gallery wrapped canvases, albums, folio boxes, and digital images are all available starting at $290.  The typical client spends between $800 - 1,000 for a complete experience.
Hair and makeup for the mom is available for an extra fee.

maternity session fee   $200
hair and makeup Referrals can be given

Session fees do not cover digitals or print products

I was referred to Diane through a friend of a friend to do my newborn son’s photos. I was very thrilled with how quickly she responded from the very start and how communicative she was and that she checked in with me (preggo & mom brain made me very forgetful). I contacted her while I was still pregnant and then after I had my baby to set up his photo shoot and she was so helpful with giving information and answering all my questions. We decided to do our session in home because that was easier with a new baby. She came with so many options for props and backgrounds! It was so wonderful. She was patient with my baby and with me which was helpful especially when my baby ended up being fussy. She then came back over a few days later to look through the photos with me and to look through packages. I would highly recommend her!  - Lauren

"I would highly recommend her!"

My family and I loved working with Diane. She took such outstanding photos of my newborn that we went back months later for our Christmas card photo as well. Diane was very professional and I appreciated how quickly she gave me our photos. I would highly recommend her for your family.  CB

"my family and I loved working with Diane"

Diane was awesome! She recently took my photos and did a really great job. She is incredibly responsive and before she takes your pictures she really takes her time to talk to you about what you want. She offers affordable packages and is also willing to travel to you to show you your pictures. Overall, she does a great job making this experience about YOU. Highly recommend!   l.R.

"she does a great job making this experience about YOU!"



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Taking time to choose your photographer is important.  It's all about the perfect blend of style, connection, and expertise.  To get started, simply fill out the form below & let's chat.  I can't wait to hear from you!



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