4 Orange County Midwives Offering Exceptional Pregnancy Care

Are you looking for an Orange County midwife? If you are unsure precisely what a midwife does and need more information, look no further. Several exceptional Orange County midwives are available to meet your specific needs through your pregnancy and birthing journey. The following services provide trustworthy and compassionate care to put your mind at ease and support a beautiful pregnancy journey from start to finish. 

4 Orange County Midwives for Excellent Care to Support Your Pregnancy Needs

South Coast Midwifery

Orange County Midwives at South Coast Midwifery has assisted hundreds of Orange County families with their pregnancies for over two decades. Their staff of certified midwives takes pride in ensuring that families receive a safe, healthy, and comfortable labor experience. They also offer a broad range of prenatal and postpartum classes, chiropractic care, pregnancy, and postpartum care, and women’s health care services. 

They pamper every mommy and baby while providing high-quality, concierge-style service combined with a nurturing and spa-like environment. Whether you want to give birth at their state-of-the-art birthing suite with birthing tubs and room for the whole family, or if you’re going to give birth in your own home, the South Coast Midwifery team will accommodate you however you wish. Located at 6817 Quail Hill Pkwy, you can schedule an appointment for your FREE consultation today! 

Dos Midwifery

At Dos Midwifery, your birth matters. This Orange County midwifery offers community birth and holistic health. They provide holistic pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum experiences for every woman and family in their care. They practice family-centered midwifery, where everyone in the family plays a part in the pregnancy and birth experience. At Dos Midwifery, they offer at-home births. This way, you can be comfortable in your personal surroundings with all of your favorite people and things. 

You will receive an hour’s meet and greet as well as many 30-minute prenatal visits throughout your pregnancy, immediate postpartum care, and newborn care. Dos Midwives offers belly binding and bone holding, which are centuries-old traditions midwives have been practicing. They use techniques, minerals, oils, supplements, and age-old traditions to ensure that your birthing journey is as natural as possible. As such, this midwifery provides unique healthcare. You can go to their website or send them an email to set up your first consultation. 

Abundant Blessings Midwifery

Orange County Midwife “Abundant Blessings Midwifery” provides quality services in water birth, home birth, labor, newborn care, postpartum, and other well-woman care services. Abundant Blessings is a community-based homebirth practice that spans conception planning, prenatal care, labor and birth, and highlights postpartum care. Abundant Blessings Midwifery is honored to offer in-home care. Prenatal care, including all routine labs, birth and delivery, and postpartum care occurs in the comfort of your home. 

For intimate and personalized care, you can reach out to Abundant Blessings Midwifery at 714-922-0238 to learn more about this unique and natural Orange County midwifery. You can also follow them on Facebook and Instagram, where they have all of their latest updates and client stories that you can check out! 

Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo is an Orange County Midwifery with certified Nurse-midwives who offer a holistic approach to pregnancy and birth. Pregnancy and birth are naturally powerful and transformative events in your life. Their certified nurse midwives partner with you in this process and support you in making informed choices for your health. They work together with the physicians at Providence to provide safe and satisfying care. 

Located at 26800 Crown Valley Pkwy in Mission Viejo, this midwifery is open Monday through Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. You can stop by and check out the facility and schedule your first appointment to meet the midwives. Additionally, you can learn more about this knowledgeable and caring midwifery. Mission Viejo offers prenatal care, hospital birth, lactation support, women’s wellness programs, and family planning. They offer so much that no matter what you need, Mission Viejo midwives will be able to help you every step of the way. 

Orange County Midwives

Whether you need support during your pregnancy, guidance for laboring and birth, or care during the postpartum transition, Orange County midwives have many options that can meet your specific needs for you and your family. The services listed above offer safe and kind-hearted care to support families as they transition into parenthood. Check out these fantastic options for Orange County midwives today! They provide dependable services tailored to provide you and your family maximum comfort during this extraordinary time.

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