Newborn Photos in Orange County | When is the Best Time?

Every parent wants to have loving memories of their children, especially during their early period of life. Babies grow up so fast.  Blink and you’ll have a toddler standing there.  As an Orange County newborn photographer, I often get asked about the best time to take newborn photos. So, I decided to answer this question by breaking down the topic into weekly periods. This way, you will understand which age is best for a different type of photography and help you plan accordingly. Each stage brings different aspects to consider for a photo session. Let’s have a look!

Newborn Photos in Orange County | When is the Best Time?

An orange county newborn girl on green background. She is wearing a green flowered onsie.

Weeks 1-2 – The Newborn Photo Session

You can take your first baby photos as soon as 7 to 14 days after you have given birth. Although this might seem too early, as an Orange County newborn photographer, I can assure you it’s completely safe. During this time, your baby will have regained some birth weight, and their jaundice will have improved. It is the ideal period for capturing those sleepy, curly photos.  If you have any questions about scheduling a newborn session at this age, check out my blog, Questions to Ask Before Booking Pasadena Newborn Photographer.

Weeks 3-5 for Newborn Photos

This is still a good time to get newborn photos.  Babies are more awake now and you will get more wide eyed photos. Your baby will still be flexible enough to curl and swaddle.  They will still fit in some of the newborn props.  Sometimes babies at this stage are very sensitive, so the session may go a little longer just to get those cute sleepy poses. If you have been tired or had a difficult delivery, it may be good to wait until now to get some newborn photos.

Weeks 6-9 for Newborn Sessions

It may be more difficult at this stage to do a variety of posing, as your baby will stretch and uncurl constantly. Some babies may not fit in newborn props or the cute newborn outfits by now. Babies at this stage may not like to be swaddled.  They will just “unswaddle” themselves!  They like to kick those little legs!  At this stage, we focus more on getting cute expressions and their wide eyed gazes.

Once your little one reaches its 6th week , he or she will become more alert and engaged, so I might actually be able to capture a photo or two when they are smiling.

Weeks 10-12 for Newborn/Baby Sessions

baby girl in pretty dress laying on fur rug in Orange county

Another good time for scheduling your baby photos is between 10 and 12th weeks of age.  This session is all about your baby’s smile! This is when most of them usually start to hold their head up.   It is also during this time when they begin rolling and recognizing voices, as well as being intrigued in front of strangers.

In addition, babies between 10 and 12 weeks are more engaging, and their sleeping and feeding schedules will become more regular. This will help you better plan the exact time for the baby photo session not worrying about whether they will become fussy. Moreover, this is when your little one will start to settle, and they will keep their eyes open. This will allow me to use favorite toys  to keep them focused on a certain point and get lovely shots. So, this would make the ideal period for a session when your infant isn’t quite a newborn or a plumped-out baby


4-6 months – The Milestone Session

This is an ideal time to book your baby’s photo session. Babies can be posed on their back or tummy. I consider this period ideal for a sitter session, as your baby will become more social, playful, and giggling. We can do some wonderful photos of their cute, chubby rolls, or while they’re holding their favorite toy. Once they can sit up, they see lots of new things in the world!  Cute toothless grins are abundant! Often by now, they will have a new tooth to show.  If you would like more information on milestone sessions, check out my blog, Huntington Beach Family Photographer Milestone Sessions. Milestone sessions are so fun!  If you would like more tips on milestone sessions, read Huntington Beach Family Photographer Milestone Sessions.



So Which Age Should You Choose?

Babies reach all of these milestones on their own time and I tailor these sessions to suit your child’s needs and wants. Rest assured, I can get lovely photos at any age of your baby.  If you’re interested in booking a photo session with your OC newborn photographer, please get in touch with me! You can do that by filling out my site’s Contact Me page or calling me at 714-366-5445.


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