Maternity Hospitals In Newport Beach With Expert Staff

Pregnancy is full of making plans. What diapers will you use? What will the theme of the nursery be? Also, what name will you choose? There are so many happy choices you get to make throughout this stage. But because having a baby is often such a surreal experience, planning the more immediate things can be hard. Your hospital is not just a space where you’ll deliver but also a center where you’ll spend the next several days following your delivery while you recover. It’s important to look over every aspect, including the room accommodations, the ability to keep your baby in your room, and the staff. It can be a lot to consider, and honestly, it’s not nearly as fun as stocking bookshelves with stories you loved as a baby. This is why I’m here! As a family photographer, I speak to many clients regarding their birth experiences, including the centers where they’ve delivered. If you’re looking for the best maternity hospitals in Newport Beach, I’d love to tell you about a few! 

4 Maternity Hospitals in Newport Beach Dedicated to Your Positive Birthing Experience

Newport Beach Birthing Center

Newport Beach Birthing Center has been the site of over 200,000 births to date, and they’re ready to be there for your family. This state-of-the-art facility focuses on giving you an experience unlike any other. The center has a 14-bed antepartum unit, 18 labor, delivery, and recovery suites, and 49 postpartum suites. The rooms are spacious and cozy, with wide windows overlooking the beach. 

You’ll work with the best staff throughout your stay, including the Magnet-recognized neonatal nurses. The hospital has adopted a no-separation policy for newborns. Throughout your entire stay, your baby will stay in the room with you so you can work on bonding and nursing in those crucial first few days. 

The center has reserved space for high-risk pregnancies where you’ll have immediate access to the operating suites should you need it. The hospital is also equipped with a Level-III NICU to give your baby the best assistance. From the moment you arrive until the minute you leave, you’ll receive exceptional, personalized care from the Hoag team.


The Childbirth Center through Memorial Care focuses on giving you an amazing birth experience! The center is devoted to personalized care for every stage of your pregnancy and delivery. Starting in the first few weeks of pregnancy, you’ll work with their expert OBs and receive knowledgeable guidance. 

Your doctor will work with you to create a birth plan that’s best for your family. Once it’s time to deliver, the hospital will do everything it can to honor your wishes. They’ll even work with you should you choose to try a VBAC. 

You’ll have access to their private birthing suites through the center, where you can labor in a calm and peaceful environment. The birthing beds are adaptable, giving you the ability to position yourself in the way that’s most helpful for you. The hospital prioritizes couplet care, where your baby will be kept in your room so you can bond. 

They also have a daily “cuddle time” from 2-4 PM, where visitation will be limited so you can focus on what matters most. The hospital has a Level-II NICU with 24/7 care. Through MemorialCare, you can have the birth experience you’ve always wanted!

Irvine Birthing Center

Irvine Birthing Center is another gorgeous location started by the team at Hoag. At this location, they’ve reinvented the typical birth experience. The private rooms are modern and comfortable, with plenty of space for you and your partner to relax throughout labor. You’ll work with your birth team, who will make sure you have the experience you planned for. 

Irvine offers traditional OBs but also allows you to work with midwives and doulas for a more natural birth experience. The hospital has a family garden right outside of the birthing suites where expectant parents can walk around to assist with labor. They also provide jacuzzi tubs for a natural form of pain relief. 

Following delivery, you’ll go to the postpartum suites and receive the spa treatment. The center has cozy robes, herbal teas, and essential oils to help you feel relaxed. At Irvine, you can find world-class care for you and your baby. They offer a special care nursery for babies who need additional care. This nursery is located right outside the recovery suites, allowing you to bond throughout your stay.

newborn wrapped in gray wrap sleeping in a bed

South Coast Midwifery

If you’ve always loved the idea of a home birth but still want to be near hospital amenities just to be safe, South Coast Midwifery is for you! This center provides parents with all the tools they need to have the natural birth they’ve always wanted! When you work with their midwives, you’ll have the ability to have a home birth. You can use the birth center if this doesn’t suit you. 

The birth center is the most established one in all of Orange County. The space is modern and beautiful, with cozy beds and large tubs. You’ll have a room that feels just like home. Throughout your labor, you’ll be able to snack and move around. Your midwife will be there every step of the way, providing expert guidance. 

The birth center is less than a mile from the hospital if you need to be transferred. Don’t let the idea of this stress you out, though! Statistically, midwife-assisted natural births see fewer rates of intervention when compared to hospital births. The center gives you the ability to have a VBAC within the center. They also release you shortly after labor, letting you recover from the comfort of your own home. 

Maternity Hospitals In Newport Beach

Finding the right spot to deliver your baby is a huge decision. With any of these maternity hospitals in Newport Beach, you’ll be treated to great staff in a comfortable atmosphere! 

Once you have decided on the hospital for your delivery, it’s time to start thinking about scheduling newborn pictures. I became a professional photographer after my grandchildren were born because I’m so wild about this stage! Just like you, I’m captivated by every sweet stretch and pleasant smile, and I want to help you make it last. If you’re thinking about getting pictures scheduled once your baby arrives, I would love to connect! Contact me today to find out more!



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