Costa Mesa Bakeries With Cute Smash Cakes for Your Photoshoot

One of the best trends in recent years is the smash cake. Can you imagine spending your entire life with chicken cubes and pureed green beans only to be handed an entire cake just for you? Honestly, I think all of us should get the opportunity to dive into a cake sans fork for our birthday! Since this is (sadly) a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for your baby, it’s important to take the time and find a cake that not only looks adorable but tastes amazing. I’m a photographer who has spent the past few years documenting cake smash sessions, so I’ve seen the creations of some pretty fantastic bakers around Southern California. If you’re looking at different Costa Mesa bakeries for your child’s cake smash, I’d love to tell you about some of the best around. 

Costa Mesa Bakeries for Your Little One’s Smash Cake Photography Session

French Cupcake Bakery

French Cupcake Bakery has been around for over half a century delivering unforgettable desserts to people all across Southern California. The shop originally opened in 1956 as The Cupcake Bakery before rebranding to French Cupcake Bakery in 1976. The bakery is family owned and operated and continues to provide some of the best desserts around. In fact, this bakery is so beloved, it keeps winning awards as a testament to its greatness. It won the Times OC Readers’ Choice Favorite title in 2018 before being named One of the Most Popular Bakeries in Orange County by Southland in 2021. With so much love, I’m positive your baby will adore their smash cakes!

Their cakes are beautifully decorated with bright colors and expert piping. You can get it frosted with various buttercreams, chocolate ganache, fudge, whipped cream, or rolled fondant. And if you think your baby will love the exterior, just wait until you hear about the inside. Their sponge cake comes in flavors such as devil’s food, apple spice, angel food, flourless chocolate, or the standard white or yellow. You can also choose fruit fillings, including banana, blackberry, peach, and raspberry. Your little one’s cake will look beautiful for their photo session, and they’ll keep returning for more!


SusieCakes was founded in 2006 by Susie Sarich. Susie grew up close to her grandmothers and would bond with them over baked goods daily. She started her bakery to honor their memory while holding the philosophy that one of the few things that connects us all together is cake. Obviously, Susie wasn’t wrong. Her bakery soon grew so popular it was expanded to multiple locations while shipping across the country. SusieCakes is so beloved for several reasons. The cakes contain no preservatives, giving them the fresh taste you’ve come to know in homemade cakes. They contain classic ingredients while being beautifully decorated. And it’s pretty dang convenient! With 26 locations, SusieCakes delivers locally while providing a wide menu that’s a breeze to customize for your event. 

The smash cakes at the bakery are lovely and delicious. You can purchase a 4-inch-wide chocolate or vanilla cake topped with buttercream icing. You’ll have the ability to customize the top to say whatever you’d like. If you’d prefer to cover the entire thing in sprinkles, you’ll have that option. SusieCakes gives you the ability to order it all online. The only requirement is placing your order at least 24 hours before.

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Poul’s Bakery

Poul’s Bakery is a decades-old shop in Orange County dedicated to making you feel right at home. The bakery was started back in 1955 by Poul Johansen, a Danish immigrant. Since its opening, the location has become a bit of a landmark. It was given The Best of Orange County Reader’s Choice award in 2022 because of its stellar reputation. And while their baked goods might get you through the door, their friendly staff will keep you coming back week after week. 

The bakery sells intricately decorated cakes that will match any theme. From cartoon characters to pastel roses, they’ve done it all! They provide luscious cake flavors such as devil’s food cake, tuxedo cake, and vanilla. You can customize it with different fillings, including various jams, chocolate mousse, cookies and cream, or cream cheese. You can choose buttercream, vegan whipped cream, or fondant for the icing. Finally, you can also choose the decorations, including ruffles, rosettes, and 3D designs. Poul’s Bakery delivers and allows you to order up to two months in advance.

Simply Sweet Cakery

Simply Sweet Cakery is a custom-order boutique founded out of a passion for baking. The owner, Brooke, began the bakery in 2010 with the love and support of her friends and family. What originally started as a project quickly became a favorite place for families all around Costa Mesa. The bakery stands out because of its careful approach to each order. Rather than provide assembly-line style goods and limited premade selections, this marvelous bakery allows you to find what works best for your style. You can place a custom order and know it will be made with time, effort, and of course, love. 

The custom cakes are simply darling. The bakery has made abstract designs with splashes of gold, beloved cartoon characters, and seamless ombre designs. From rainbow sprinkles to rosettes, they’re experts with their toppings. Rather than complete a form that gives you a few selections, the bakery asks that you email them three weeks ahead of when you need your cake so they can work with you personally on the design. You’ll be able to decide on the flavor, the look, and the fillings. The end result is a one-of-a-kind cake to celebrate your baby’s big day. 

Costa Mesa Bakeries

You only get one chance to get your baby’s smash cake. Why settle for anything less than the best? With any of these fabulous Costa Mesa bakeries, you’ll have a work of art that your baby will adore. 

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