10 Los Angeles Baby Stores with Unique Products & Great Service

A great children’s store is something we shouldn’t take for granted. Never underestimate the ability to feel how soft a piece of fabric may be, piece together the perfect gift basket in person, or get excellent one-on-one help from an expert. Sure, online shopping is convenient. Still, it will never replace the experience of in-person shopping, especially when shopping for a baby! These Los Angeles baby stores are known for their unique products, exceptional customer service, and welcoming environments. 

10 Los Angeles Baby Stores for the Perfect Gifts, Outfits, & More


Firstly, Kidsland has been the ultimate resource for parents since opening its doors in 1986. They help parents navigate impending parenthood through education and understanding while offering premium products to fulfill every need. They are a women and family-owned business passionate about empowering parents to find the right items on their list. Kidsland carries popular baby gear brands like Nuna, Uppababy, and Doona. They also carry luxury brands like Mima and Silver Cross. They also have everything you need for a nursery, clothing, diapering your baby, and much more!

Juvenile Shop

The original Juvenile Shop first opened way back in 1938, and today, the original owner, “Grandpa Bob’s” granddaughter, Lauren, runs it. Lauren and her team are passionate about the baby industry and have been carrying on the store’s legacy for decades. Moreover, Juvenile Shop sells the top brands in baby gear, furniture, nursery essentials, and bathing and feeding needs for every family. With decades of combined experience in tricky subjects like car seat installation and safe manufacturing, Juvenile Shop is a great place to stock up for your new baby. 

HUGBUG Children’s Shop

HUGBUG is a beautiful baby store in Glendale with its own line of exceptional clothing. Made of soft bamboo fabrics, the HUGBUG line features footies, rompers, bibs, blankets, and more in stylish neutral colors. They are also a great place to go when you need a gift. Their gorgeous gift boxes feature adorable plush toys, soft swaddles and onesies, charming books, and other sweet gifts, taking the work out of figuring out what to buy! Their store also carries other trendy baby labels, so you find the right thing for every little one on your list. young girl running on the sand at a beach

Caro Bambino

Caro Bambino is a special store where the products on the shelves inside are just as beautiful as their gorgeous window displays out front. It aims to serve the local community as a gathering place for families with children and has quickly become a beloved shop. Furthermore, they have everything you need to nurture your child in their early years, from strollers, car seats, and other gear to fun stuff like clothes and toys. They even have products for moms to bond with their babies and care for a changing pregnant body.

The Pump Station

The Pump Station & Nutury is so much more than just great wordplay. It’s a store that supports new parents in every phase of their baby’s early life. Created by a group of moms who saw a dire need for new parent support, they sell various products to make parenting a whole lot easier today. In addition to selling important gear, breastfeeding tools, clothing, and toys, they also offer a variety of classes and courses to educate new parents. They’ve created a judgment-free community full of information, resources, and supplies to help you be the best parent you can be.


Eggy is your one-stop shop for all things trendy and modern for babies and kids. They have unique and classic toys to inspire imagination, stylish bags for staying organized, and charming books that tell lovely stories. Where they shine is their selection of clothing that will inarguably make your little one look like a fashionista. They also carry a variety of furniture like cribs, dressers, and bookshelves to dress up any nursery space. 

English Rabbit

English Rabbit is a luxury children’s boutique with various designer European brands and bespoke high-end fashion for babies and kids. Their team travels the world searching for the most diverse and high-quality collections that honor individualism without limiting expression and creativity. The clothing you’ll find at English Rabbit is not about what kids should wear; it’s about what they want to wear. They also carry stylish accessories for fashion-forward moms and even personal styling for those needing a guiding hand. 

Pink Chicken

Pink Chicken is a vibrant, colorful boutique inspired by a love of vintage textiles, sunny beach days, and happiness. Their products are designed with the belief that “when children love and feel comfortable in their clothing, it boosts their confidence and sparks imagination, creativity, and joy.” That’s why their pieces feature bold, playful patterns that bring a smile to every face. They also design all their prints and patterns in-house, and pieces withstand wear and years of play. 


Calakids is a true trendy vibe. While a lot of their store caters to older kids embracing mindsets of empowerment, confidence, and self-expression, don’t miss their selection of baby items. From playful patterns and buttery soft fabrics to adorable swaddles and comfy bedding, they have plenty to keep babies comfortable and looking sharp. Additionally, they carry a wide variety of trendy designers. As your little one grows, they’ll love continuing to shop at Calakids!

elfin los angeles

Lastly, elfin Los Angeles was born out of parents’ desire to dress kids in outfits they’d wear themselves. With plenty of experience in the fashion industry and as moms, the owners opened elfin to create a curated space full of whimsical patterns, trendy graphics, and unisex staples. The entire store is “designed with your mini in mind.” Everything they sell is thoughtfully made of the highest quality materials. Check out the store for clothing both you and your little one will love! 

Los Angeles Baby Stores

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, outfit, toy, gear, or furniture for your little one, check out one of these Los Angeles baby stores. You’ll be so glad you stopped by in person. Just don’t be surprised if you walk out of the store with a few extra “not on the list” items in your shopping bag.

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