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Lactation consultants provide excellent support services to breastfeeding families. These experts also provide guidance and education for breastfeeding challenges, tongue and lip ties, positioning, milk supply, returning to work, pumping and storing milk, and much more. A lactation consultant in Orange County provides fantastic support and resources to families as they embark on their breastfeeding journey. 

6 Agencies for Your Lactation Consultant in Orange County – Receive the Support You Need

Orange County Breastfeeding Consultants

Serving families throughout Orange County

Orange County Breastfeeding Consultants provide families in the area with personalized, affordable in-home lactation consultations, prenatal support, lactation education, phone consultations, and online support. Additionally, the team of highly trained breastfeeding specialists specializes in preemie lactation, support for mothers of multiples, late preterm babies, and babies with Down Syndrome. 

This group also offers postpartum aftercare. The team of consultants has over twenty years of experience caring for moms and their babies. They are coaches and counselors for women as they embark on their breastfeeding journey. 

Furthermore, this practice provides prenatal lactation support and education through 2-hour meetings that discuss: 

  • Latch, 
  • Positioning, 
  • Increasing milk supply, 
  • Pumping, 
  • Returning to work, and 
  • Much more. 

In-home lactation consultations provide hands-on help with positioning and latch. This consultation even includes follow-up care. Moreover, lactation services at Orange County Breastfeeding Consultants help women have a great start to their journey, no matter what issues arise.

OC Lactation Consultant

Serving all cities in Orange County

OG Lactation Consultant in Orange County provides home visits, telehealth visits, and prenatal breastfeeding preparation. They work with babies of all ages, specializing in newborns. Consultants address concerns such as: 

  • Painful and cracked nipples, 
  • Increasing supply, 
  • Avoiding mastitis, 
  • Managing plugged ducts, 
  • Dealing with nipple confusion, 
  • Tongue and lip ties, 
  • Managing schedules, managing sleep, and 
  • Helping moms wean. 

Reka Morvay, an international board-certified lactation consultant with a private practice in Orange County, runs OC Lactation Consultant. She was born in Hungary and has been in the United States since 2014. Reka has experience as a childbirth educator, Baby Friendly coordinator, and lactation teacher. She lives in Orange County with her two daughters and supports breastfeeding families.

OC Lactation Station

3 Corporate Plaza Drive

Newport Beach, CA 92660

OC Lactation Station strives to help parents succeed in their breastfeeding and postpartum journey through in-home breastfeeding consultations and postpartum support and assistance. Megan Masler, who graduated from CSU Fullerton, runs OC Lactation Station. She is also an international board-certified lactation consultant passionate about breastfeeding awareness and education. She seeks to provide excellent care to all families of all backgrounds. Additionally, Megan has experience as a birth doula and postpartum doula. 

Megan’s lactation consultations include:

  • Breastfeeding support and education.
  • Latch assessment.
  • Positioning techniques.
  • Tongue and lip tie assessment.
  • Pump assessment.
  • Back-to-work support.
  • New parent counseling.

She also offers postpartum support and assistance because she knows that bringing home a new baby can be overwhelming. 

She offers support and aid, including assistance and education in newborn care, emotional and physical support during postpartum recovery, breastfeeding support, coaching in infant feeding, and infant sleep education. 

orange county newborn girl sleeping on a green background

Rachelle King

Rachelle King is a registered nurse and international board-certified lactation consultant in Orange County who supports families through in-home and office visits in the Newport Beach area. She has served the birth community since 2012, in and outside hospitals. She has also breastfed her children, which gives her a unique perspective on challenges. 

Furthermore, Rachelle helps her clients overcome painful latch, jaundice, low milk supply, tongue ties, lip ties, supplementation, postpartum depression, and postpartum anxiety through her support services. She believes that lactation provides the best start for a baby’s nutrition. Her help and support include challenges such as: 

  • Slow weight gain, 
  • Feeding effectiveness, 
  • Jaundice, 
  • Sore nipples, 
  • Painful breastfeeding, 
  • Low milk supply, oversupply, 
  • Engorgement, 
  • Latch difficulties, 
  • Pumping, 
  • Weaning, 
  • Supplementing, and 
  • More. 

Her services also include home visits, follow-up visits, office visits, and virtual follow-up visits. She strives to help her clients feel comfortable and at ease and uses the best safety precautions to protect the health and comfort of her clients and their babies.

The Breastfeeding Center

25255 Cabot Road

Suite 101

Laguna Hills, CA 92653

The Breastfeeding Center runs under Leora Robles, an IBCLC who has worked with families for over ten years, addressing their concerns, helping find solutions, assessing challenges, and celebrating achievements. Leora has also breastfed her children and was inspired to work in lactation education after her sister had her first baby. 

The Breastfeeding Center’s services include private breastfeeding consultations, prenatal consultations, virtual consults, home visits, and Mama’s Milk Club, a breastfeeding support group. Furthermore, appointments address common issues, including: 

  • Sore nipples, 
  • Breast pain, 
  • Plugged ducts, 
  • Engorgement, 
  • Mastitis, 
  • Low milk supply, 
  • Latch issues, 
  • Oversupply, 
  • Positioning, 
  • Oral issues, including ties, 
  • Pumping and flange fitting, 
  • Returning to work plans, and 
  • Weaning. 

The initial appointment is about 1.5 hours long, and consultations include two weeks of continued support through email. Services include both home visits and office visits. They require an extra fee for twins.

Doulas Of Orange County Lactation Consultant

Serving Orange County

If you’re struggling with getting your baby to latch, finding the most comfortable position, or dealing with painful thrush or mastitis, booking an appointment with Doulas of Orange County is a good idea. These lactation professionals provide support, education, and encouragement for breastfeeding families. Vetted, professional international board-certified lactation consultants and breastfeeding counselors provide one-on-one, in-home, or virtual consultations for parents after their baby is born. Hence, they promote healthy bonding and a great start to their breastfeeding journey.

During in-home visits, a lactation specialist observes a feeding session to assess the baby’s latch, position and eating efficiency. Specialists can address questions and concerns and devise a plan for establishing supply, creating a feeding schedule, how to pump, and how to store breastmilk. 

Lactation consultants at Doulas of Orange County can help with the following: 

  • Latch concerns, 
  • Positioning, 
  • Learning hunger cues, 
  • Addressing tongue or lip ties, 
  • Establishing a healthy milk supply, 
  • Creating a return-to-work plan, 
  • Dealing with sore nipples, 
  • Engorgement, 
  • Guidance on newborn nursing patterns, 
  • Guidance on making sure baby gets enough milk, 
  • Pumping milk and storing breastmilk. 

A private Breastfeeding 101 class is also available for families who plan to breastfeed. A private teacher provides a personalized, in-home, or virtual class so couples can work together to learn everything they need about breastfeeding a newborn. The instructor teaches them on the proper latch, positioning, feeding frequency, the golden hour, common concerns, establishing a good supply, how to pump and store milk, and ensuring the baby is eating enough. Hence, this class helps parents start off right through proper education through videos and hands-on demonstrations.

newborn wrapped in gray wrap on a gray fur rug

Lactation Consultant Orange County

In conclusion, lactation consultants provide excellent support services to families as they feed their little ones. Through classes, one-on-one appointments, and many follow-ups and check-ins, these lactation consultants in Orange County give families the best support through education, planning, encouragement, and support as they embark on their breastfeeding journey. 

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