7 Tips for a Perfect Newborn Session

1. Feed Your Baby Right Before the Session

I strongly suggest feeding your little one a full meal thirty minutes prior to the session. It’s important that we start on a full belly. This full belly will ensure a smooth start. Should baby show signs of hunger during the photo shoot; we will stop and give additional time for feeding.

2. Keep Your Baby Up for an Hour Before the Session

We like to put babies in the cute little poses where they are curled up or placed in buckets, baskets or bowls. I know this may be hard to ask, but if you could keep your little one up for a bit before the session that would ensure getting those cute poses. When babies are sound asleep, we are able to get those cute poses much easier because they are nice and relaxed! Try to schedule your baby’s session close to nap time. Then your little one will really be ready to snooze! I want to make sure you have plenty of pictures to love and cherish once your session is over. Additionally, when feeding you baby at session time, just feed your little one in a diaper wrapped in a swaddle blanket. We have many newborn outfits to choose from for your session and it’s easier when babies don’t wear anything that has to be pulled over their head.

3. Determine Your Vision for Your Baby’s Photographs

Chances are you have browsed different types of newborn photos and have seen poses that you love. Posed newborn sessions are best done when the baby is 5 – 14 days old while the baby is very sleepy and “mold-able”. The session can last up to 3 hours with feeding, soothing, and posing. All props and outfits for the session are provided and the choices are yours.

There are some ideas to keep in mind when deciding on a pose. Do you have a specific color or theme you would like to use? What colors are in the nursery? Think about where you would like to hang portraits of your baby and family in your home. Will siblings be included in the portraits? All of your goals will be discussed in our pre-session consultation.

4. What to Bring to the Session

Formula (if you are feeding formula), diaper and wipes, and a pacifier are all you need to bring. Please know a pacifier is beneficial help in getting many photos! If you don’t want to use it in the future, I understand; however, it is helpful during transition time. I encourage you to bring one and you can throw it out after the session if you don’t plan on using it later. I will have everything else such as wraps, blankets, outfits, and props such as baskets or buckets. If you have a special family heirloom that you want to include, you may bring that also.

5. Plan for Siblings

You are welcome to bring siblings along – especially if you want them included in the photos! You are welcome to bring their favorite treat or toy with you. I will have some toys and books around for entertainment also.

6. Dress Comfortably

The area where we will be working with the baby is kept to a toasty 80 degrees. That means you may be too hot if you’re wearing warm clothes. Wear loose, comfortable clothes, so you can relax and feel comfortable. The warmth in the studio will help the baby settle and sleep. If it becomes too warm, you are welcome to step outside. I am a mom to two girls and want you to feel confident your little one is in good care.

7. Sit Back, and Relax!

During the session, you are welcome to sit back and watch or you can relax with your phone, read a book, or to take a little nap yourself. The other very important part with relaxation is knowing that the newborn photographer you chose will put safety as the highest priority during the session. I have been mentored and professionally trained in newborn photography by several newborn photographers with the emphasis always on the safest ways to pose and protect babies during their session. I am a nationally Certified Professional Photographer with Professional Photographers of America. I have had an up- to -date flu shot and whooping cough vaccination. All blankets, wraps, and outfits are laundered before each session with Dreft Hypoallergenic Newborn detergent.  I follow all  Covid 19 precautions.  Feel confident that your baby is in well-trained, professional hands.

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